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We make sure that you learn forex trading step by step from basics to advanced and become a profitable and consistent trader with the best Forex Trading Course.
Our Live Training Sessions help you learn both basic and advanced price action alongwith our strategies for every timeframe.
We give you the best and most Simplified Trading System.
The provided learning sessions, trading signals, chart analysis and regular newsletters are best for both intraday and swing positions.

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We have a custom trading strategy for all timeframes.


Basic and Advanced Learning Course

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Best Forex Trading Course

Our Forex Trading Course is designed for both beginners and professional traders. We start from the scratch and help you become profitable in the market with our strategies and trading plans. Our Live Training Sessions allow a personalised experience and step by step learning. The course is designed for all markets Forex, Gold, Indices, Oil and Crypto trading.

Forex Trading for Beginners

Forex Trading for Beginners help you learn step by step the basics of the market and price action theories, candlesticks and candlestick patterns, Wick and body, Timeframes, Support and Resistance, Fundamental Analysis Basics. Develop an understanding of how the market works and what makes you earn. We recommend this course to beginners and intermediate traders who want to build a strong foundation and learn simple and effective strategies to earn profits.

Forex Trading Strategies

We offer backtested and simple yet effective Forex Trading Strategies. Our team has designed both entry and exit strategies for each timeframe and ensure a minimimum of 1:1.5 risk reward ratio. We teach you these strategies with live one-on-one zoom meeting sessions and set them up in your pc with proper settings for future use. We also backtest the strategies on live charts with you to prove effectiveness.

Professional Forex Trading Course

Learn How to trade using Fundamental Analysis, Multiple Timeframe Analysis, Advanced Price Action & Technical Analysis, Intraday & Swing Super Setups, Multiple Entry and Exit Strategies for each individual timeframes and many other wide ranging topics in our Professional Forex Trading Course. Our Professional Trading Course is designed for traders who are looking for improving their existing returns and gain more consistency. .

Step by Step Trading Plan

Our program provides you the means, resources and knowledge to prepare a step by step trading plan to meet your long term goals. The plan is carefully designed keeping in mind the risk appetite, return expectation, nature of trader and nature of trading, lot size management, maximum drawdown and market growth forecasts. The trading plan acts a guide manual for your entries. The do's and dont's of forex trading that must be kept in mind and diligently followed are highlighted.

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