Comex Pro includes trading signals for commodities as commodities are being highly traded over the internet. Our research recommendations include gold (XAUUSD), silver (XAGUSD) and crude oil. Commodities acts as a secondary income and returns source when the forex market is very bearish and under-performing. Investors can diversify their returns by entering the comex market.Gold being one of the best hedging instrument is preferred by investors for long term holdings. Crude oil market has slower movement and higher PE ratio.

While generating quality recommendations and best trading signals in comex market, economic and world political data is given due importance because it directly influence the buying and selling prices. Long term technical charts are analysed by the research team and signals generated thereafter.

Following are the details of the Comex Pro service:

170-75% signal accuracy

2Minimum 1 signal daily; average 1-2 signal per day

320-40+ pips movement in every trade

4Proper stop loss and hedging strategy involved

5Signals are shared personally based on your account size, risk appetite & return expectancy

6Lot size per trade will recommended

7Weekly analysis and updates of the market

8Continuous follow-up and client support

All recommendations, trading signals and updates are shared through WhatsApp or Telegram as per your time zone.

Module Pricing


2 Months

Module Pricing


5 Months

Module Pricing


10 Months

Note : Minimum investment suggested for Commodity/Comex Service Is USD1000+.