Learning service includes a diversified range of learning mediums that are provided to newbie entrants in the market. It is focused on giving them a wider view of the forex, comex and indices market beginning with the basics and covering technical as well. A learned trader can only manage to stand for long in market. And as they say, profits are temporary, learning is permanent. Hence, we focus on prepping traders for all unseen and unexpected market movements so as to ensure maximum risk cover.

The company is founded with the objective of offering unbiased technical analysis, for the trading community by experienced professionals, for the trading community, by experienced professionals to create a conducive environment.

Following are the features of this service:


2Custom Indicators will be provided

3Call on support/learning

4Interactive one-on-one sessions every Saturday

5Daily updates through WhatsApp, SMS and E-mail

6Weekly Newsletter (Progress + Predictions)

7Monthly handbooks/journals

8Call-on support and assistance

9Practice on Demo Account

Module Pricing


For 90 days