Learn Forex Trading Step By Step

Our Learning Course is designed for both Beginners and Professional Traders and caters to all markets forex, gold, oil, indices, crypto trading as well. We have two categories of learning courses.
1. Basic Learning Course
2. Advanced Learning Course

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Basic Learning Course

1. Basics of Forex Trading
2. Fundamental Analysis Basics
3. Types of Traders & Trading Styles
4. Basic Price Action
5. Wick & Body
6. Timeframes
7. Support & Resistance
8. Identifying Trends
9. Breakouts | Reversals | Retests

Advanced Learning Course

1. Indicators & Oscillators
2. Advanced Price Action
3. Intraday/Swing Super Setup | High Win rate
4. Dow & Gap Theory
5. Bull/Bear Trap
6. Fibonacci Retracement
7. Multiple Entry & Exit Strategies
8. Trading Pair Selection
9. Risk Management

Following are the features of the learning course service:

1Basic & advanced learning of Market

2Custom indicator settings will be provided

3Support & learning class via video call

4Interactive one-on-one sessions every learning class

5Daily updates

6Daily newsletter (Progress + Predictions)

7Entry & Exit Strategies for every timeframe, risk-management, trading plan and analysis

8Intraday, swing & longterm trading support

9Practice on trading account

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