1. Accountability

By joining our services, you certify that all information you provide, now and also in the future, is real. Pristine BreakThrough Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to deny you access to this website and our services even without notice for the following reasons:

(a) immediately by Pristine BreakThrough Pvt. Ltd. for any unassigned access or use by you
(b) immediately by Pristine BreakThrough Pvt. Ltd. if you assign or try to misuse (or attempt the same) the information shared by us to you;
(c) immediately, if you violate any of the other terms and conditions of the Service Contract

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2) Information Collections and the Responsibilities of Information

Organization information must be protected against unauthorized activity, tampering, loss and destruction, wherever is found, in a position that is consistent with applicable laws and with the information’s significance to the Organization and any individual whose information is collected. Achieving this objective requires that Organization information be segregated into logical collections (e.g., Client personal data, employee benefit data, payroll data, and financial records), and that each collection be associated with an individual known as an “Information Guardian” who must :

1. Define the collection’s requirements for confidentiality, integrity, availability and security.
2. Convey the collection’s requirements in writing to the managers of departments that will have access to the collection.
3. Work with Office Heads to determine what users, groups, roles or job functions are authorized to access the information in the collection and in what manner (e.g., who can view the information, who can update the information).

The guardian of a logical information collection is typically the head of the department on whose behalf the information is collected or that is most closely associated with such information. Each Information Guardian may designate one or more individuals on his or her staff to perform the above duties. However, the Information Guardian retains ultimate responsibility for their actions.

3) Responsibilities of Department Heads

Department Heads are required to:

1. Understand the security-related requirements for the information collections used within their respective departments by working with the appropriate information Guardians and their designates.
2. Develop procedures that support the objectives for confidentiality, integrity, availability and security defined by the Information Guardians and designate, and ensure that those procedures are followed.
3. Effectively communicate any restrictions to those who use, administer, process, store or transfer the information in any form, physical or electronic.
4. Ensure that each staff member understands his or her information security - related responsibilities and acknowledges that he or she understands and intends to comply with those requirements.
5. Report any evidence that information has been compromised or any suspicious activity that could potentially expose, corrupt or destroy information to the Organization IT Security Office.

4) Client Responsibilities

Clients are required to not misuse the information shared to them by our organization. They should use it for the agreed context and nothing other than it.

5) Implementation

1. Implement the provisions of the policy.
2. Ensure that staffs that handle, or have access to, personal information are fully familiar with the policy

6) Monitoring

Check that the policy is being implemented (e.g. by conducting periodic audits of data protection procedures) and identify any issues arising.

7) Review, Evaluation and Revision

1. Review and evaluate the impact of the policy at a pre -determined time, taking into account feedback from other developments.
2. Revise as necessary, in light of the review and evaluation process.

8) Penalty Norms

Direct termination of service if someone is found to be violating the norms

9) Conclusion

All the employees of Pristine BreakThrough Pvt. Ltd. including work from home or who carries the work/system out of office must adhere to the IT Data Privacy policy and ensure all the confidential information such as client name, contact numbers and any client personal information remain within Pristine BreakThrough Pvt. Ltd. only. All the employees are restricted from taking out the client personal data and document in form of any medium like electronic media or printed copy outside the Organization premises.